3rd semester final exam questions

3rd semester final exam questions

Personal Finance questions:

1. To increase your savings: a. net worth must be decreased b. expenses must be increased c. income must be decreased d. income must be increased

Which of the following is not an example of a future value? a. The balance in your checking account today b. The value of a retirement account in 20 years c. A savings account balance in five years d. A mortgage balance in ten years

3.Which of the following is not a money market investment? a. treasury bills b. shares of corporate stock c. savings account d. NOW account

4. On a credit card, a finance charge is applied to: a. any purchase b. current purchases c. future purchases d. any balance not previously paid

5. In which of the following scenarios would you favor leasing over purchasing a car? a. The miles that you drive each year varies significantly and is hard to predict. b. The car in question is one whose value depreciates rapidly. c. Repair expenses on the car are very low. d. All of the above

6. Which of the following is an advantage of a PPO as compared to an HMO? a. There are no out-of-pocket expenses b. The premiums are lower c. There are more choices of specialized health care providers. d. no approval is needed to see a specialist

7. The difference between common and preferred stock is that preferred stock: a. may or may not receive dividends b. is issued more frequently than common c. has predictable income and more safety d. has greater potential for capital appreciation

8. A 10-year bond has a coupon rate of 7% annually and a principle payment of $1,000.00. Other similar bonds are paying 9% annually. to determine the value of this bond you must: a. find the interest factors (IF) at 9% for 10 periods b. find the interest factor factors (IF) at 4.5 % for 10 periods c. find the interest factors (IF) at 4.5 % for 20 periods d. find the interest factors (IF) at 9% for 20 periods

9. Investors in high tax brackets will normally achieve higher performance by selecting mutual funds that generate: a. long-term stock dividends b. short-term capital gains c. long-term dividends d. long-term capital gains

10. Which of the following is a defined-contribution plan intended for firms with 100 or fewer employees? a. 401(k) plan b. SIMPLE plan c. 403(b) plan d. SEP plan

1. Which of the following is not a motive for prosocial behavior? a. Egoism b. Collectivism c. Idealism d. Principlism

2. In a real way, the ________ theory of dreaming suggests that dreams are actually a ”side effect” of the fact that our brains never quite shut down while we are asleep. In fact, according to this theory, the more awake our brains is while we sleep, the more dreams we should experience. a. electric adherence b. activation-synthesis c. information processing d. lucid activity

3. What would have been John B. Watson’s biggest objection to the theories of Sigmund Freud and the psychodynamic school of thought? a. The unconscious is not the same in every human being, and so it is not a stable concept that can be explored scientifically. b. Freud’s theories do not acknowledge that there is any influence of our environment upon our psychological development. c. Freud’s theories, and the psychodynamic approach that followed, were far too conservative and limited by the Victorian times in which he lived. d. Freud’s main concept, the unconscious, was an internal process that could not be observed, measured, or validated.

4. Which stage of the general adaptation syndrome might explain why college students tend to experience a higher rate of absenteeism from class around midterm and final exam time each semester? a. Resistance b. Alarm c. Exhaustion d. Surrender

5. When you insert your house key into the lock on your front door, very specific grooves in that key trigger tumblers to open the lock. in the very same way, ________ detectors are specialized brain cells that only respond to particular elements in the visual field. a. itemized b. visual c. gestalt d. feature

6. While you are taking a walk through a park, you notice that there is a small pond that has a bunch of lily pads in it. As you stand watching, a frog comes along and hops quickly from one end of the pond to the other by hitting a series of lily pads in a row. After this takes place, you start to think to yourself, ”That is just like a neuron, when the action potential jumps from one_________ to another.” a. synaptic cleft b. dendrite c. node of Ranvier d. soma

7. Which of the following is one of the three factors that control sensory adaption? a. The age of the sensory receptor cells that are being stimulated b. The associated motor cortex in the brain c. The rate at which sensory receptor cells fire d. The size of the sensory receptor cells that are present

8. what is the general result of studies of intelligence involving twins, siblings, and unrelated siblings raised in the same household?


a. The role of nature and nurture-genetics and environment-were found to be exactly equal, meaning that even people born with the genes for high intelligence could end up with low IQ’s if their environment was not adequate support.


b. Because identical twins always had identical intelligences, it was determined that the role of environment on intelligence is nonexistent, and that it is an entirely genetic phenomenon


c. Because children raised in nurturing, enriching households always had higher IQ’s than children raised in neglectful households, it was determined that environment is more important than genetics in the determination of intelligence.


d. Ultimately, genetics are more influential than environment on an individual’s intelligence.


9. Which cognitive  process allows us to determine which of the many sensations around us we are going to store in memory and which of those date we are going to discard?


a. Eidetics

b. Selection

c. Concentration

d. attention


10. The ________ rule is the tendency for motor skills to emerge in sequence from inside to outside.

a. inside-out

b. core to extremity

c. proximodistal

d. cephalocaudal




1. According to the principle of diminishing returns, if the number of workers is increased beyond the point of diminishing returns, then the additional worker:

a. increases total output by the same amount as previous workers


b. increases total output by more than the amount of previous workers


c. increases total output by less than the amount of previous workers


d. decreases total output


2. The marginal principle implies that an individual should produce or consume where:


a. marginal benefit exceeds marginal cost


b. marginal benefit is less than marginal cost


c. marginal benefit equals marginal cist


d. total benefit equals total cost


3. When the price of apples goes up:


a. The demand for apples will decrease, ceteris paribus

b. The demand for apples will increase, ceteris  paribus

c. The quantity of apples demanded will decrease, ceteris paribus

d. The quantity of apples demanded will increase, ceteris paribus


4. The quantity supplied of hot dogs is 200 at the unit price of $3.50. suppose the price elasticity of supply by the initial value method is 2, and you would like to induce sellers to increase the quantity of hot dogs supplied to 220. then new price must be:

a. $1.50

b. $2.00

c. $2.50

d. $3.00


5. The self-interest model of government:


a. suggests that government officials are selfish


b. explains why there are limits on government taxation and spending


c. shows why some government projects take place even if the costs exceed the benefits


d. All of the above


6.The economic approach to air pollution is to: a. use command and control

b. internalize the external cost with a pollution tax

c. use marketable pollution permits

d. create a subsidy for cars


7. When a person’s expressed valuation of a product is affected by the numbers in her head, this is an important implication of:


a. mental accounting


b. the decoy effect


c. bundling


d. the anchoring effect


8. What is the most likely reason that milk sold in convenience stores is more expensive than milk sold in grocery stores/


a. Convenience stores sell milk in smaller packages, so the per-gallon packaging costs are higher


b. Grocery stores buy in bulk, while convenience stores buy milk in smaller quantities


c. people who buy milk at convenience stores tend to have less elastic demand for milk


d. Convenience store owners are greedier than grocery store owners


9.In 1995, the United States threatened to impose 100% tariffs on _________ from _________ if it didn’t loosen it’s protectionist policies.


a. luxury cars, Japan


b. auto parts, Japan


c. brandies, France


d. light trucks, Germany


10. Suppose the nation of Alphonia was charged with dumping lawnmowers in the nation of Omegalon. the charge of dumping lawnmowers in the Omegalon market means that Alphonia was accused of:


a. selling faulty lawnmowers in Omegalon


b In 1995, the United States threatened to impose 100% tariffs on. selling lawnmowers below cost or below domestic prices


c. selling counterfeit-branded lawnmowers in Omegalon


d. discarding lawnmowers that would not sell in their home country


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