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 QUESTION 1: The Sociological Imagination
 Mills defined sociological imagination as the manner in which individuals comprehend their own lives and the lives of others in connection to history and the structure of society. It is the ability to view the private struggles of a person within the perspective of the larger social processes that organize those struggles. Because of this, the sociologist is able to investigate what Mills referred to as “personal troubles of milieu” as “public issues of social structure,” and vice versa. Personal issues can be of a purely internal origin, such as being overweight, being unemployed, having marital problems, or feeling purposeless or depressed. It is possible to address and comprehend them in terms of one’s own or the individuals in one’s immediate milieu’s personal, psychological, or moral characteristics. This can be done either by the individual themselves or by the individual’s immediate milieu. This is, in point of fact, the perspective that people are most likely to have on the problems that they are up against in an individualistic culture such as our own. On the other hand, if a person’s personal problems are frequently discussed with other people, this may point to the existence of a widespread social issue that has its origins in the manner in which social life is organized. At this point, the problems cannot be effectively comprehended as being nothing more than private concerns. They are best dealt with as public concerns that call for a reaction from the community as a whole in order to be resolved. For example, people in North America are becoming more and more aware that obesity is a growing problem for both children and adults. According to statistics Canada, in 2012, 18.4 percent of adults were obese. So, obesity is not just a personal problem caused by the health problems, eating habits, or exercise habits of a few people. It is a widespread problem that puts people at risk for chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  
 Assignment Help QUESTION 2: Sociological Research Methods
 Quantitative research methods, like surveys with a large number of participants, use statistics to measure how social variables are related to each other. Quantitative research is based on being objective, and it works best when it is possible to get measurable measurements of variables and conclusions from samples of a population. Quantitative research uses formal methods and tools to collect data in a structured way. The data are collected in an objective and organized way. Experiments, observations written down as numbers, and surveys with closed-ended questions are all examples of common quantitative methods. The biggest problem with quantitative research methods is that researchers do not know how to separate people and social institutions from the natural world.
 Qualitative research methods are expressed in words. Qualitative research method help people understand ideas, thoughts, or events. This kind of research lets you find out more about things that are not well understood. Interviews with open-ended questions, written descriptions of observations, and literature reviews that look at concepts and theories are all examples of common qualitative methods. Qualitative research doesn’t care about numbers as much as it cares about getting a deeper understanding of a problem. In qualitative research, the person doing the research is both the subject and the thing being studied. The goal of the qualitative method is to get detailed and clear information about the problem being studied so that all of its parts can be understood. The main criticisms of both quantitative research methods have to do with whether or not social phenomena can really be studied like natural phenomena in the physical sciences. Critics don’t agree with the way that social events are seen as objective facts. Sociologists say that the quantification of variables in quantitative sociology reduces the rich complexity and ambiguity of social life to an abstract set of numbers and statistical relationships that can’t capture what it means to each person. For example, judging a person’s religious belief or “religiosity” by how many times they go to church in a week doesn’t tell us much about what it’s like to be religious.
 QUESTION 3: Sociological Research Methods at  
 Modern science gave sociology the model of knowledge it needed to go beyond the moral, philosophical, and religious ways of thinking about the human condition that were used in the past. Max Weber called the technological way of thinking about the world “the disenchantment of the world.” This means that, in general, there aren’t any mysterious forces that cannot be figured out, but instead, one can, in principle, figure out how to do everything. Focus on learning moved away from figuring out what gods and spirits wanted to do and toward using science and technology to observe and test the world around us. In the Middle Ages, people thought that God, who was called “the unmoved mover,” made the natural and social worlds as a changeless, cyclical creation that was ordered by divine will and had a purpose. The knowledge that comes from this is called scientific knowledge. The other kind of knowledge that people have is not scientific. It has to do with religions, moral principles, ethical beliefs, and philosophical ideas. There seems to be no better word, but the “non” in “non-science” almost sounds like a value judgment. We can also find answers to questions about the world through these kinds of knowledge. However, unlike scientific answers, these answers are based on faith and cannot be tested. They can be questioned and sometimes changed, but not through any kind of experimentation or inductive reasoning. It is by looking at things in an abstract, philosophical way. Ideas that are not based on science show us how to use scientific facts. They tell us how we relate to each other and to the world around us. They answer questions that need to be answered but for which science does not have an answer.
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